A Benefit of Meditation – The Transformation of Fear

We all have good and bad Karma, which are dependent on the quality of our understanding or our confusion regarding our true selves. Our minds (the chitta) are the storehouse of our karmas, and are continually under the influence of our karmic properties.

Our thoughts, speech and actions are influenced by the subtle forces of our karma. And just as the present is the result of the past, the future is the result of our present.

Avidya, according to Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras 2.3-11, is translated as lack of knowledge, misunderstanding, or distortion and confusion about our true nature. Avidya is the main affliction connected to the field of afflictions (klehas) that are causing turmoil in our inner consciousness.οΎ 

Meditation increases our sensitivity and skillfulness in reading this barometer. How do we know when we are acting properly? It feels right. Such a sensibility can be developed. And there’s no better time to do this than now.  

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The goal of meditation to bring change to the field of afflictions by freeing us from the grip of ignorance, deepening our self-realization, freeing ourselves from attachment, greed, anger, and fear. And the benefit is that the practice transforms and clarifies the field of afflictions by naturally moving us in the direction of preforming positive and constructive actions.

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