A Fresh Take on Drugs What would Siddhartha Say?

Taking a fresh look at drug usage and Buddhism, this article by Lodor Rinzler, is part of an ongoing dialog based on the concept of how would Siddhartha Gautama approach his spiritual journey if he was traveling it today. This particular post deals with addictions. How to tell habitual patterns from addictions, and the approaches open to you for exploring or dealing with, either one.

Benefits of Buddhist meditation

One of the benefits of meditation is the development of discernment. As you practice meditation you begin to develop the ability to ‘step back’ and see patterns, especially habitual patterns, and from that perspective determine if they are ones that you would want to cultivate in your life.ᅠ

If you are committed to living your life in a way connected to your own meditation practice I have to ask: Does your habit keep you grounded and awake to the world around you? Or does it layer you in protective goggles, distancing you from reality?

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Ultimately it is always up to you to determine whether a habit is harmful or helpful and whether you’ve developed a reliance on it or not.

Creating the space to make conscious decisions, learning more about yourself and aligning with your moral compass are meditation benefits that will help anyone deal with any type of addiction.


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