A most Uncommon Meditation Benefit

I promise you that this meditation benefit is not one that is discussed in average discourse on the benefits of meditation, which is, being able to comfortably be immersed in freezing cold water for an extended period of time.

A most Uncommon Meditation Benefit

A most Uncommon Meditation Benefit

The first question has to be, why? And the second, can you really learn how to do that by meditating?  In answer to the first question, according to the article, is the belief that the cold strengthens the mind and body. Also there is belief among some that the exposure to the cold may benefit the circulatory system, and lead to a quicker recovery for athletes after training, though these benefits remain controversial.

Regarding the second question, about whether a person can raise their tolerance to cold just by meditating, the quick answer is yes. The focus of this piece, Wim Hof, “may be able to exercise some influence over other body functions considered involuntary,” according to Professor Peter Pickkers of Nijmegen’s Radboud Medical University. And according to Dr. Anders Cohen, of Brooklyn Hospital Centre, it isn’t a surprise, “given the growing body of evidence that Tibetan monks who practice “Tummo” meditation have similar abilities.”ᅠ

“What he has shown is that he can with his meditation, apparently, summon it up that his cortisol rises like that.” He said the next step would be to see whether others using similar techniques can do the same. Cohen found the Nijmegen results

Like I said a most uncommon meditation benefit.

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