The Benefits of Chakra Meditation

The Benefits of Chakra Meditation

The word ‘Chakras’ translates from Sanskrit as wheels and are understood to describe the energy network within our subtle bodies. In the Vedic understanding there are seven primary energy centers which correspond to major hormonal systems or neural networks the along the spine.

Chakra Meditation Benefits

Chakra Meditation Benefits


This neural network, otherwise known as a neuronal plexus, is a network of cells concentrated with neuropeptide transmitters. These networks are interdependently connected to one another and when nourishing one center it as a positive effect on all of them.

However, injury, stagnation or neglect can create a blockage at one or more of the nodal points and this has a negative effect on all of them.

Neuropeptides represent the source of our emotional experience, as a result the chakras or neuronal plexus, are the transformational points or event horizon, of the three layers of the human experience – body, mind and spirit.

The Kundalini experience

Kundalini means “that which is coiled” and is often associated with a serpent, its life force energy that moves up through your chakras clearing out any energetic blockages. When this life force energy reaches the crown chakra it opens you up to the realization of your full potential as an understanding of the nature of reality.

The Kundalini experience is often associated with shaking or involuntary movements, called kriyas in yogic teachings, and are a normal part of the experience.

It should be remembered that awakening the Kundalini is not a singular experience, it’s part of a healthy, holistic spiritual evolution in consciousness, connecting us to the subtlest levels of our human nature.

In the end and with practice and evolutionary growth of the chakra system, the Kundalini becomes the means for the human spirit to connect with the Divine.

Each chakra represents a core dimension of human life. The first chakra is about basic survival needs. The second is associated with creativity and the third represents our ability to manifest our intention and desires.

Love and compassion is at the heart of the fourth chakra. The fifth chakra is connected to expression, the sixth is about intuition. And the seventh chakra represents the union between our individuality and our universality.

Chakra Meditation as a Conduit

So, in the end, if all these seven energy centers are very, very clear then you’ll have all this energy flowing through you. You’ll become a conduit, a channel of the universe, of the divine.

But if there is some constriction within you in terms of creativity, compassion or expression, in terms of giving yourself permission, in terms of moving yourself forward getting stuff done, in terms of connection to spirit. Then the energy is going to stop, it’s blocked and it’s just going to stop.

Kundalini is awaking and opening the energy centers so that snake, that coil of energy can come from outside of us, into us, and be expressed through us.

How to you awakening the Kundalini? By vibrating and dancing, yoga and breath work, by bring your awareness to each chakra and opening it up, a process called chakra tuning or chakra toning. By putting your attention on the location of a chakra and intoning its vibration, its specific sound, by visualizing the specific color, you begin to activate it.

How to you awakening the Kundalini? By meditating and transforming your mental and emotional tension into spiritual energy. Learning to skillfully control the chaotic energy of the mind and emotion is accomplished by using meditation to find inner balance, harmony and flow.

When you can get that flow through you without any obstruction, constriction or restriction then you will be more aligned, life will be more fulfilling and those aspects of yourself; your groundedness, your creativity, you’re getting it done, your compassion, yourself expression, your connection to spirit and your infinite possibilities, will be in their most optimized and balanced state.



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