Zen Meditation Benefits-Healing vs. Stress

Zen Meditation Benefits

Zen Meditation Benefits

What is Zen meditation and what does it mean? The word Zen comes from the daily meditation practice called Zazen, which is a Japanese word that means to sit and to concentrate or contemplate ones true nature. Alan Watts, in his writing, “The Way of Zen,” called it “unified or one-pointed awareness.” The simplest explanation of Zen is, being, right here, right now. Through Zen, you become aware; the way to understanding your true purpose is through a peaceful mind.

The benefits of Zen meditation on the Stress Factor

The benefits of Zen meditation are unique to each individual. First thing you notice is the deep relaxation you experience. The stress of life is so powerful that it can cause emotional, as well as, physical damage. Many of the physical risks involving high levels of stress, are already, well understood, but it is impossible to completely assess the damage stress does to every cell in the body. Anxiety and stress steal years of your life, while deeply affecting the quality of your life while you are still here.

Your stress even affects those around you, your spouse, your kids, your friends and coworkers; it can even affect your animal companions. It permeates the air around you. It can destroy relationships and cause you ‘dis-ease.’ If there were any other issue affecting your life, right now, as deeply as stress, you would do everything you could to eradicate it immediately.

Yet, so many people continue to ignore all the warning signs, like depression, irritability and lack of sleep, to name just a few. They end up adding more stress to their lives instead of reducing it. Zen meditation can help transform your stress into harmless energy; energy to be let go of, and replaced with a growing feeling of peace and tranquility.

Zen Philosophy and Healing – Zen Living

Adopting the Zen philosophy is a way of being present in your own life by integrating the teachings into your whole being. It can be a long journey to find out who you are. Many people get overwhelmed with physical and emotional pain and suffering and turn away from their path to look for some way to deal with it, often numbing the pain with addictions of all kinds. In order to truly conquer an addiction, there has to be healing. Zen meditation is all about allowing healing into the wounds that caused the pain in the first place.

Entering into the realm of inner peace through Zen meditation transforms your perspective over time, helping you to feel more balanced when difficult times arise, and the practice engenders more confidence in your own decisions. When you experience that strength inside yourself, you know you are healing from your suffering.

This is the true benefit of all the different kinds of meditation, to bring healing to the bodies and souls of each person and to bring wholeness to the world through the meditative practice. That is the goal, peace and tranquility for all mankind, and it starts one soul at a time.



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