Boredom – A meditation Benefit?

Meditation as a practice asks paradoxical questions, and here’s one; when is boredom interesting? Jay Michaelson addresses this paradox, reframing the way boredom is perceived, finding the gifts that boredom offers us.

For example as Jay points out, boredom is really restlessness; it’s about what’s happening inside you and not what’s going on around you on the outside. He suggest that the next time you feel bored, take a moment to see how you feel, are you feeling energetic or relaxed?

Meditation in particular is often very boring. It’s not like, when you sit for six weeks, you’re in an altered state, or visiting always with angels. Sometimes those things seem to happen, but a lot of times, you are just like you are now.

Ultimately what make boredom interesting is being present enough to contemplate the ‘gifts’ it offers us. And it’s meditation benefit is really summed up in jay’s simple equation, “boredom plus surrender equals enlightenment.”

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