Can Depression Be Treated with Meditation?

There’s a big caveat when talking about depression and meditation. Yes, I believe that meditation can be a powerful and useful tool that can be successfully used to help alleviate the symptoms of depression. However, in cases of clinical depression, meditation should be used as a complementary tool and under professional supervision.

Basically there are two approaches to treatment, psychiatric and psychological; in the psychiatry the focus is primarily on medication to treat chemical imbalances, while in psychology the modality preferred now is cognitive behavioral therapy. It’s in psychotherapy that meditation is most often used as a tool during treatment.

The way I work with my clients is with imagery and meditation or simple breathing exercises. In eastern parts of the world, the symptoms of depression are more physical than psychological. A person may not be able to express themselves verbally because

For those who are not suffering from clinical depression, but who are suffering from the kind of depression that life inevitably presents us with, meditation can help us by creating the space to hold and express our emotions.

The benefit of meditation is, by becoming aware we can let go of, and stop recycling, the negative emotions at are associated with mild depression.

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