Cooking with Presence a Meditation Benefit

Before to talk about the Zen meditation benefits, it is go to know that Zen actually means, “Meditation,” but Zen isn’t just sitting or formal meditation. Zen is meditation if you mean meditation is life, another way of saying mindfulness.

Cooking with Presence a Zen Meditation Benefit

Cooking with Presence a Zen Meditation Benefit

Zen is about letting go of attachments sometimes confused with letting go of strong opinions or feelings. Having opinions or feelings is fine, it’s human, the practice is to release any attachment to them, to recognize them, to acknowledge them, experience them and then let them go of them as they slip off into oblivion. ᅠ

One of the reasons that strong opinions or feelings arise is our need to feel in control, which is, of course, a myth of the ego. We aren’t in control. Practicing mindfulness is the way we can begin to relinquish our illusory idea of being in control, by accepting what ‘is’ and bring awareness to our participation in the illusion in the first place.

Because Zen is meditation and meditation is life, Zen is practiced in all aspects of life, sitting, writing, eating and cooking. This article is a Zen approach to the kitchen.

“I find it an encouraging and inspiring reminder for the 21st century; how to cultivate an attitude of caring, a spirit of generosity and of focus, right here in my kitchen.ᅠ I can do this while chopping vegetables, steaming kale, or washing dishes.ᅠ Meditation, bringing awareness and focus to day-to-day activities, can be done anywhere, even in the kitchen

Dogen goes on to say, in his instruction to the cook, that you should bring three minds to your work in the kitchen: Joyful Mind, Grandmother Mind, and Big Mind.

Joyful Mind is somewhat obvious, but not always easy to practice — enjoy what you do in the kitchen.ᅠ Be present, have fun, create an atmosphere that is playful and alive.ᅠ Bring your knives and vegetables and pots and pans alive.

Grandmother Mind is the attitude of unconditional love of sincerity and of acceptance.ᅠ Imagine planning, cooking, and cleaning with this mind, working with others with this mind, and serving food with the mind of grandmotherly love and acceptance.

Big Mind is the mind that is wide and open, accepting things as they are.ᅠ There is an expression in the Zen tradition that says The Way is easy; just avoid picking and choosing.ᅠ When you give up grasping and rejecting, the Way unfolds before you.ᅠ This is pointing to the spirit of Big Mind.ᅠ On one level, impossible.ᅠ On another, this is how are lives really are, beyond picking and choosing.ᅠ And yet, what should we make for dinner?”

Zen isn’t complicated; it is about ridding yourself of all the unwanted clutter, your fears, worries, opinions, unwanted feelings and attachments. Enlightening yourself of all this undesirable baggage is the real Zen meditation benefit.ᅠᅠ

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