Easing Irritable Bowel Syndrome-a Meditation Benefit?

Now here’s a meditation benefit that even I was unaware of, well at least until I read this study, done at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. This study found that mindfulness meditation helped improve the quality of life and the mental distress that accompanies irritable bowel syndrome.

There was a significant reduction in symptoms in the mindfulness practitioners compared to a control group.   Irritable bowel syndrome is a chronic illness will sometimes start at early adolescence, and can range from mild to serious.ᅠ

The study authors also noted that mindful meditation was inexpensive and widely available. One expert praised the research results as original and powerful. “It’s a small sample, but I’m impressed. It’s not so easy to do this with treatments that are

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Even though this was a small sample the researchers involved were “impressed” with the results. Because mindfulness meditation teaches the practitioner how to focus their attention and relax, it “empowers” the sufferer to deal with a difficult to treat illness.

So I have a gut feeling that the benefits of mindfulness meditation are a meditation benefit for the whole mind-body.

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