Maybe its not a Meditation Benefit but it’s been a long, strange trip for Wavy Gravy

I’m going to step out of the ‘meditation benefits’ mode for a moment and back into history, present and not so long ago.  And for those of us from a certain generation, the survivors of the sixties, it’s a bit of time-tripping.

Ram Dass) in Service to Love

Ram Dass

Wavy Gravy is an iconic figure from latter part of that decade, and the reason I came across this post was his connection to another icon of that decade, Ram Dass. They cofounded with Larry Brilliant the Seva (a Sanskrit word for “service to humankind”) Foundation, which they started with a $10,000 donation from rock promoter Bill Graham.

Ram Dass a teacher, guru to me; his path as always been that of Bhakti (the yoga of love) Yoga, in service to love, through his teacher Maharaj-ji, was in a sense an incarnation of Hanuman, who took an incarnation of a monkey to serve God. One of the ways that Ram Dass has promoted loving service is in supporting conscious care for the dying, something that has been pretty close to home for me lately.

Maharaj-ji and Ram Dass

Maharaj-ji and Ram Dass

It’s a fundraiser for Wavy’s favorite charity, the Seva (a Sanskrit word for “service to humankind”) Foundation, which Wavy cofounded in 1978 with spiritual leader Ram Dass and public health expert Larry Brilliant to fight preventable and curable

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My mother-in-law, affectingly known by all the family as GG, is transitioning, here at home, even as I’m writing this. The conscious, loving care of our hospice practitioners was the result of the Buddhist tradition inspired, Metta Institute, founded by Frank Ostaseski. On the board of the Metta Institute, Ram Dass, so for me it’s come full circle.

When I read about Wavy Gravy, the Hog farm and his life of service, I’m simultaneously transported into the past and made fully present and for that’s a meditation benefit. You can find out more information about Ram Dass and his compassionate community at

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