Is meditation Safe?

Because there are so many benefits from meditating and because you’re almost never hear anything negative about meditation, does that mean that there are no possible negative consequences?

For the hard core, Newtonian oriented science types, the greatest consequence of meditating too much would be that you might feel a little spaced out.  But as the author, Stacey Nemour, points out others many have a different perception. According to Katie Weatherup, author of Practical Shamanism, “multiple hours a day of meditation can increase any tendency to dissociate, especially in trauma survivors because meditation is in itself an exercise of separating our minds from our physical reality!”ᅠ

There are countless benefits that come from meditation. Scientific studies show meditation activates the part of the brain that helps one make better decisions. Other benefits are anti-aging, healing, enhanced abilities and feeling balanced,

So is it simply a matter of a belief system that determines whether or not meditation poses any dangers? This question goes to the heart of the debate between materialist and spiritualist. Is there one central reality or do we each create our own?

What are your thoughts? What would happen if your shifted your perspective from the one you’re holding so close?

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The meditation benefit that could change your mind

In Mindfulness meditation you start by focusing your attention on your breath, paying attention on purpose, in this present moment, around the qualities of acceptance (non-judgment) and compassion.

In the case of this particular article, the perspective is decidedly Jewish. In fact the author quotes Dr. Elliot Cohen, from Leeds Metropolitan University, who expressed his view on mindfulness this way, “although mindfulness has Buddhist origins, it is being used more and more in clinical settings.”ᅠ

Mindfulness is an integrative mind-body practice that uses elements of meditation, yoga and breathing techniques to help change the way you think and feel about your experiences, especially stressful ones. Research shows practising can boost
Jewish Chronicle

Mindfulness is the quality of being in harmony with the present moment. Mindfulness is not a religion, thought the practice is found in all religious traditions. However mindfulness is most closely associated with Buddhism, because the teachings of the Buddha are very clear and comprehensive on the subject of mindfulness meditation.

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Boredom – A meditation Benefit?

Meditation as a practice asks paradoxical questions, and here’s one; when is boredom interesting? Jay Michaelson addresses this paradox, reframing the way boredom is perceived, finding the gifts that boredom offers us.

For example as Jay points out, boredom is really restlessness; it’s about what’s happening inside you and not what’s going on around you on the outside. He suggest that the next time you feel bored, take a moment to see how you feel, are you feeling energetic or relaxed?

Meditation in particular is often very boring. It’s not like, when you sit for six weeks, you’re in an altered state, or visiting always with angels. Sometimes those things seem to happen, but a lot of times, you are just like you are now.

Ultimately what make boredom interesting is being present enough to contemplate the ‘gifts’ it offers us. And it’s meditation benefit is really summed up in jay’s simple equation, “boredom plus surrender equals enlightenment.”

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How To Meditate Anywhere-Anytime and Enjoy the Benefits

The questions asked here are, do you need to have quiet place to meditate or if there lots of distractions, does this mean I won’t be able to meditate? In this article Dr. Puff talks about his personal experiences and how he was able to practice his meditation even in noisy situations.

A couple of observations on this topic, first my own experience was very similar to Dr. Puff’s as my meditation practiced developed so did my ability to meditate anywhere. This ability evolves as your practice evolves and it’s not a recommended practice beginning meditators; for most beginners, distractions lead to frustration.

The second observation is that there are different approaches to meditating anywhere at any time, mindfulness approach and deep inner awareness or transcendental meditation.

Mindfulness is about being fully present without judgment and inner awareness is about transcending, going beyond the challenges. Teachers in these wisdom traditions will share with you that these are developed skills, and except in extraordinary circumstances, are developed or long periods of practice.ᅠ

Where can you meditate? Do you need to have a quiet place free from all distractions and noises or can you actually meditate anywhere, anytime, any place?

Dr. Puff offers some advice in this article and some practices that you can apply. I would add, because it is a practice, go ahead and do just that, practice, remembering to be gentle with yourself and letting go of any frustration if it arises. The number one benefit of meditation is stress reduction, so don’t stress if the distractions are too much, relax and wait until you feel you are in a comfortable place, then meditate.

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Meditation is it the New Viagra?

This article is on the benefits of Buddhist meditation and lovemaking, yes, I said lovemaking. It’s taking a bit of literary license in comparing meditation to Viagra; one helps alleviate the symptoms of a medical condition, which was the intent when of Viagra when first came on the market, the other, has traditionally been, to enhance the experience.

Benefits of Buddhist Meditation

Benefits of Buddhist Meditation

The meditation benefit, that’s new to me, is as a way to help with the problem of premature ejaculation (PE).ᅠ

A common concern for most men is how to last longer in bed. You can last longer in bed following these tips. Buddhist meditation technique to last longer in

Practitioners of meditative lovemaking report more responsiveness along with an increased intensity and whole body orgasms. Mindfulness is a way of melding more love into your love making, and frankly I would call that a heck of a nice meditation benefit.

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To see with Special Vision a Meditation Benefit

Vipassana meditation is one of the meditation techniques taught by the Buddha and means to ‘see with special vision’ or insight meditation. Training in vipassana begins by focusing and calming the mind, which is accomplished by placing the attention on the breath, following its natural movements.

Vipassana meditation

Vipassana Meditation Benefits

Vipassana retreats are conducted in silence and last anywhere from ten days to three months. Many of the centers, including the Insight Meditation Society offer instruction in other Buddhist practices like, loving kindness or Metta meditation. Sometimes other forms instructions are offered at these centers; include teaching as diverse as Tibetan Lamas, Christian priests or Native American shamans.

With overwhelming enthusiasm, I spent the last couple of weeks learning vipassana meditation at Dharmashring, Budanilkhantha. The literal meaning of ‘Vipassana’ is to see with special vision and is one of the meditation techniques of Siddhartha Gautama

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The meditation benefit and experience of vipassana is a direct and enlightened insight into the impermanent, unsatisfactory, and selfless nature of ordinary existence.