The Meditation Benefits of a Standing Meditation

Yogis have been known to meditate while standing and sometimes doing it balanced on one leg. For those who can’t sit comfortably, either because it’s physically uncomfortable or there is a need to move.

One of the benefits of Buddhist meditation is that there are four acceptable alternatives for formal meditation that are equally acceptable, sitting, standing, walking and lying down. Also, there are different traditions in which meditation is practiced in ways beyond even the four of Buddhist tradition, for example, the Sufi’s practice whirling and the Taoist practice the slow movements of T’ai chi.ᅠ

15 minutes is enough time to do this meditation. To take off 15 minutes at any time of the day is not tough. Stand upright on your toes but not in a rigid

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The benefits of a standing meditation are the same as the other forms of meditation, and maybe one of it’s greatest benefits is it’s another way to bring meditation into your life as a daily practice.


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